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How can I help?


You can help us set up a 20-25 minute Skype session with the club at your school. Initially, we can work toward a goal of raising about $70 for one bicycle, so together we can help keep one orphan stay in school.


How will you spend the funds we raise?


A bicycle costs about $70 and helps a student significantly reduce the time (and energy) it takes to walk 3+ miles each way to school. Since most of our students give their friends rides to school, each bicycle effectively helps two students stay in school. 


How do I know I’m making a difference?


We will send you pictures, video, and the details of the student you are supporting. In the past, a number of these students have expressed their gratitude through letters to sponsoring students and schools.


Is Pedal2Prosperity tax-exempt?


Yes. Pedal2Prosperity, Inc. is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Charitable Organization. Our Federal Tax ID # is 46-4382274. All contributions are tax-deductible and we provide a tax-deductible receipt for all donations. Please visit to view our financial records.

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