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Our mission at Pedal2Prosperity is two-fold.  


Our goals are:


I.  Pedal2Prosperity strives to help orphaned girls in India and Africa stay in school by providing them with bicycles. In many cases, these girls from remote villages have to walk five to six miles every day to attend schools in nearby towns. Over half

of these girls drop out by the time they reach high school. To date, we have provided bicycles to

510 orphaned girls in rural villages—over 90% of the recipients are still in school today. This school year, we are determined to distribute at least 200 more bicycles.


II.  We also aim to inspire and motivate fellow students across the U.S. and Canada to recognize the many hardships orphans face in developing countries. We hope to instill empathy in fellow students and empower them to make an impact

on orphaned students living across the globe. So far, we have involved 62 schools in 24 states

(over 1,200 students) in our cause. To date, we have held over 170 Skype sessions. We strive to spread awareness about orphans’ plight and,

more importantly, reinforce the value of helping those in need.

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